Sharp Electronic
Dictionary - Reviews

While the Sharp electronic dictionary line of Spanish dictionaries isn't as extensive as other manufacturers such as Franklin and their line of Franklin electronic translators, Sharp does have a couple of electronic Spanish translators you might want to check out.

Sharp Electronics has definitely grown from humble beginnings, with the invention of the Ever-Sharp mechanical pencil in 1915 to a leader of electronics products today.

While language products do not account for their core business, Sharp has become a well-known player in the field.

Because it is a Japanese corporation, you probably already realize that most of their electronic language dictionaries are Japanese/English dictionaries.

Obviously this doesn't help you if you're in the market for an electronic Spanish dictionary, though.

But don't fear, because Sharp has realized that there is great potential (and profit) in creating a couple of Spanish/English electronic dictionaries.

Sharp PW-E250

The Sharp PW-E250 Pocket Oxford Spanish English Dictionary and Thesaurus is the most recent model representing the Spanish Sharp electronic dictionary line of products (although it did come out a few years ago).

Overall, this Spanish electronic dictionary is a great tool for both Spanish translators who need a handy reference, as well as for beginner and intermediate students of both Spanish and English.

First of all, this Sharp electronic dictionary comes installed with four Oxford University Press reference books:

  • Oxford Pocket American Dictionary and Thesaurus (150,000 entries)
  • Oxford Pocket Spanish Dictionary (90,000 words and phrases; 130,000 translations)
  • Oxford Essential Geographical Dictionary
  • Oxford Essential Guide for Puzzle Solvers (for all you crossword fanatics out there!)

An electronic dictionary is only as good as the vocabulary databases it uses, and Oxford isn't a bad choice here. Oxford is known for being fairly complete when it comes to their Spanish dictionary products, and this is no exception. Although it doesn't have the ability to look up verb conjugations, the word definitions do provide parts of speech and gender, which is a definite must for language students.

Another thing that is very helpful is that there is cross-referencing capability between dictionaries, so you don't have to close out of one to open up another, which can be very annoying!

Some people love the feel of books in their hands, and would never think of using an electronic version, but this dictionary is relatively easy to use with the keyboard buttons being larger than buttons on competitor dictionaries and the addition of a backlight.

You never realize how important the backlight really is until you're sitting on a flight across the ocean trying to read a book in Spanish, and then you pull out a dictionary and you can't see anything! Very frustrating.

You won't have to worry about that with this Sharp electronic dictionary, however.

In addition to the language functions, this dictionary also includes a converter and a calculator, although I'm not sure how many people actually use the calculator on their electronic language dictionary.

I never have :)

So all in all, if you're looking for a decent-sized pocket electronic Spanish dictionary, the Sharp PW-E250 might fit the bill. It's not going to give you too many definitions dealing with nanotechnology or thermodynamics, but it will help you with your everyday Spanish language definitions.

And if you're a crossword buff, you'll have something to help you master the in-flight crossword puzzles on those long flights over the Atlantic!

Sharp PW-E150

The Sharp PW-E150 is similar to the above dictionary only in that it also uses the Oxford Pocket Spanish Dictionary as its Spanish vocabulary database.

But that's really where the similarities end.

While the Sharp PW-E150 does come with the standard currency converter/calculator/alarm clock functions that most electronic dictionaries throw in, there isn't really anything that sets it apart from the PW-E250, excpet a smaller dispay, fewer functions, and less vocabulary.

Sure, you might be able to find this electronic dictionary for a few dollars less, but that's only if you're able to find it. Sharp Electronics doesn't seem to be that interested in manufacturing and selling the PW-E150, especially when it's latest version, the PW-eE250, is only a few dollars more, but offers much more added value.

So my recommendation? Skip this version and go straight to the PW-E250.